Outdoor Gas Fires

Think that gas fires are exclusively used inside the home? Then think again. Outdoor gas fires are the perfect addition to any modern garden or patio. They bring a contemporary style, a sense of grandeur, and a level of function that cannot be beaten.

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Outdoor firegrate burner

We can supply gas burner trays designed for use in outdoor fireplace designs in sizes from 373mm to 1800mm wide. These are operated by remote control and can have logs or pebbles on the burner top. The burners can be used as a single item or as a chain to create a long ribbon of flame.

This style of gas fireplace requires careful planning if it is being used outdoors. If you are considering using a gas burner outside as a design feature or heating solution please call our sales team to discuss your requirements in detail so we can advise the best solution.

The burners can be used with either a gas bottle (LPG version) or with direct connection to the home gas supply (NG version)

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For anyone wanting to unlock the full potential of their external spaces, an outside fireplace is essential. At CVO, all of our outdoor gas fires are manufactured in Italy and offer the reliability and performance that you deserve.

Versatile Outside Fireplaces For Any Modern Property

The rise in popularity enjoyed by outdoor gas fires and fire pits has been nothing short of sensational, and the rewards of adding one to your home’s external areas are clear. Functionally, an outside fireplace will bring warmth and light to the garden, meaning you can spend more time in this living space, particularly in the evenings.

CVO’s extensive range of outdoor fires gives you complete control over the appearance. In turn, this enables you to spark a sense of luxury that cannot be replicated with any other garden feature.

Outdoor fire grates, torch styles, and patio heaters can all be used to boost the appearance and function of your outside features. Furthermore, those appliances can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether it’s the dimensions of the burner tray or deciding between freestanding or burner torches, those decisions let you build the beautiful garden you desire.

Patio fireplaces aren’t only suited to the modern home but can also be a great way to improve the aesthetic and function of a bar or restaurant.

Choose CVO To Bring Your Vision To Life

Adding an outside fireplace to your garden is a big decision, and only the best will do. Those sentiments shouldn’t be limited to the style of fireplace used either. Simple choices, such as whether to replicate the wood fire look or have stones, can alter the entire atmosphere, even when the two fireplaces are identical.

CVO is a name that can be trusted, not least because we manufacture premium quality fireplaces that are used is some of the most prestigious locations. For example, the Italkero logo is one that you may have seen on gas patio heaters in many hotels throughout London and major European cities. Having this name on your garden heater is sure to put your mind at ease.

Perhaps more importantly, CVO guarantees the best performing outside fireplaces that are built to last. There’s nothing worse than investing in a product that fails to live up to those expectations. Our patio fireplaces utilise the latest gas burning technology to provide a safe, efficient, and pleasant experience time and time again.

Whether you use the outside fireplace on a regular or infrequent basis, you can be sure that it’ll stand the tests of time.

What Next?

To learn more about the various styles and options available, call our friendly experts today on  01325 301 020. We can provide the helping hand needed to make the process smoother than you ever thought possible. The future appearance of your garden has literally never looked so bright.

Installing a gas appliance outside needs special technical consideration and should not be considered lightly. We are specialists in designing gas fire burners. If you are considering a gas fire outside then in the first instance call our sales team on 01325-301020 to discuss your requirements with a technician. We can then advise the basic installation and design requirements.